Updates for June 2003

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New Website of the week today! :)


FIRST, if anyone knows how to code counters, let me know ASAP by signing the guestbook. Today: Updated the Alanis Morissette news, and the Dawson's Creek Guest Stars.  Finally, put up a new picture of Scott Gurney on Push A Little Harder


Updated the Alanis Morissette and Backstreet Boys news today.


Oops! Kinda been forgetting to update this site!!! So, today I put up a very delayed new website of the week (for the record, the one last week was GOING to be muchmusic.com in honour of the MMVA's... oh well, maybe next week!), and put up the updates page for July, which means updates on the Site Map and Fonts!

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Waiting For Tonight, Jennifer Lopez